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Things feel a mess. Your business dreams feel out of reach.

I’ve been there and overcome.

Together we can make it better & achieve your goals.

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LMHY is dedicated to providing business assistance to relieve and empower small business owners and entrepreneurs by offering productive and efficient help so you can see immediate change and progress.

Let me help you

  • Create an efficient process
  • Set up and manage database
  • Design & execute client appreciation
  • Execute recurring follow up & communication
  • Knock out one-time projects
  • Organize office & workspace
  • Execute Real Estate tasks
  • Train staff & assistants

From chaos to order.

I found myself feeling overwhelmed when stepping in to my first career. Walking into the office on the first day, I noticed piles of paperwork everywhere, unmarked files and chaos all around. When I dug a little deeper, I came across incomplete files, missing information and no system of tracking all of the information. My main duty was to track all of the information and be able to find it the second anyone asked for it. I knew I was up for a challenge, it was time to put my creative and organizational skills to work.

I dug myself out by using spreadsheets, shared documents, and efficient communication to track all of the pieces. Bit by bit, the team noticed an increase in efficiency and planning. The parts started working together and people were more prepared for their days. We all felt a huge relief when we knew we could find what we needed.

Delegation. Let’s give it a try!

Ashleigh was the driving force for a project recently that we needed to complete and ensured we were not only organized to get it done, but kept us on track to complete in a timely manner. We would recommend her for any of your projects! Dorothy K.

Let's Get Started!

I just need a little information to get the ball rolling to explore if we are a good fit.


Ashleigh and “Let Me Help You” have been a God-send to our business, helping us reorganize our office, and streamline things. In just a matter of a few hours Ashleigh helped us cut through the clutter and now we’re much more efficient. Who knew how painless it could be? I highly recommend this company to anyone needing a knowledgeable, efficient, skilled (yet affordable!) assistant to help out wherever needed. The only downside is that once you use Ashleigh you’ll probably find more and more ways and places to utilize her expertise. We’ll be calling her again to set up a time for our next “efficiency-improvement” session. Jim B.


  • Adaptable
  • Energetic
  • Quick and Efficient
  • Encouraging
  • Provide Relief


  • Efficient process creation
  • Database set up and management
  • Client appreciation
  • Recurring follow up and updates
  • One-time projects
  • Office organization
  • Real Estate tasks
  • Assistant training

Let me tell you how much I wanted to jump off a cliff.

I run a busy environmental clean up company. I had many bids, paperwork, etc on my desk. I was losing info, losing paperwork and losing my mind. If a client called and asked for some info that we had recently spoken about, I couldn’t find their file. Out of sheer desperation, I called Ashleigh.

She listens. She doesn’t judge. She looked at my desk and immediately gave me solutions on how to stay organized. You want one easy tip that changed my life? Have a basket of items that must be completed that day. If it isn’t done, you can’t go home. You know how cool it is that items that must be handled THAT DAY now have a system. You want more? Tough… you are going to have to hire her.

Ashleigh, seriously, thank you. Thank you for not laughing at my mess on my desk. Thank you for giving me direction. I am eternally grateful. Please use me as a reference anytime.

Joel E.

Let's Get Started!

I just need a little information to get the ball rolling to explore if we are a good fit.